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The importance of good
website maintenance

All too often we have new clients that contact us due to issues with their website that could easily be avoided.  These issues usually stem from themes and plugins being out of date.

Not only can this stop your website from functioning properly, but it can also pose a security risk, as out of date software can contain vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities get patched very frequently. For this reason you should always keep your plugins and theme up to date.

This can often be overlooked until it is too late. It is also not uncommon that people are completely unaware this is necessary.

website maintenance
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How can we help you?
We offer full website security and update maintenance, which includes hosting at a very affordable rate.

Within this we will ensure your website is kept update to date, secure and address any issues that updating may cause. These update checks are performed daily.

Is My Data Safe
yes. As an extra security measure we also take daily backups.
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