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Thinking of a new web design in Ipswich? SEO & Web can give you the upper hand in today’s fierce online world, as we are built on years of industry experience and have in-depth knowledge about digital marketing. No matter whether its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or social media integration, our multi-talented team have all the skills and specialities you could ever want from a web design studio.


SEO & Web offer unrivalled value for money, are extremely passionate about digital marketing, possess the right technical skills, and thoroughly enjoy what we do. So, you will struggle for reasons why not to choose us for web design and development.


We possess lots of technical knowhow – The complicated and complex nature of SEO is something most people struggle to get their head around. But you can rest assured that SEO & Web know exactly what they are doing.


We have been in this business for years – We might be a relatively new company, but SEO & Web’ team boasts many years industry experience, during which time we have helped untold businesses in Ipswich.


We are helpful and friendly – Rather than bombard you with masses of technical jargon, we will offer simple and straightforward advice about digital marketing even after we have delivered your SEO website.


We have lots of enthusiasm – Although web design and SEO is what gets us up in the morning, we are also passionate about fulfilling the digital desires of our clients in Ipswich.

Inspiring Websites for Ipswich

Make a great first impression – With online users taking just a twentieth of a second to make a first impression of your website, you cannot ignore the importance or influence of good web design in Ipswich and elsewhere.


We make polished yet practical websites – In spite of our creative streak when it comes to design, we know that websites must be clear and coherent to use as well. This is something all our clients in Ipswich can expect to receive.


Increase organic search traffic – Did you know that organic search accounts for 64 per cent of all referral traffic? This means that a prominent results page position can noticeably improve visitor numbers to your site.


Effectively communicate your message – Attracting visitors is one thing, getting them to stay is another. You need to communicate your message quickly through effective web design, as audiences only spend around 30 seconds deciding whether they want to stick around or not.

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Improve the user’s experience – Onsite optimisation will not only boost your search engine position, it can also improve the user’s experience too, as things like content and page loading times are algorithmic ranking signals anyway.


Getting audiences involved – Poor website design means that online users won’t feel like interacting with your website. As a result, they will be more likely to visit the site of a competitor instead.


Boost brand visibility and credibility – Being on the first page of search engine results will boost your brand’s visibility and credibility, as it clearly deserves a click more than other sites positioned further down.


We are great value for money – With a range of services available, businesses in Ipswich can pick and choose the ones they want without having to hire an expensive in-house employee.

Our Web Design Services in Ipswich

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Ipswich is one of England’s oldest towns and currently has a population of around 130,000. Economic growth was fuelled by farming and agriculture, but during the 14th and 17th centuries Ipswich oversaw several imports and exports to the Baltic.

Today, its waterfront is devoted primarily to leisure use and residential developments. Agriculture remains important, but a key employment sector is insurance, both wholesale and retail sectors.

Places of interest include Christchurch Park, Sutton Hoo, the New Wolsey Theatre, the Willis Building, and Ipswich Transport Museum.

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