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Looking for a web design agency to update, upgrade, overhaul, or optimise your online presence? Then look no further than SEO & Web, a web design and development studio based in Essex.

We are built on years of web design agency experience, while our multitalented team posses the skills to propel your site to greatness. Some of the website solutions we offer include:

  • Brochure websites – By combining alluring images with captivating copy, we can give you a brochure website that increases interest in your brand’s products or services.
  • eCommerce websites – With a range of customisation options for product categories, stock control, delivery costs, and payment processing, we can give you an eCommerce site that boosts bottom-line sales.
  • Bespoke websites – From coming up with original ideas and concepts to utilising the latest coding technology, we can give you a bespoke website that stands out from a competitive online crowd.

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Additional web agency services

Along with web design, we can also provide you with the following services:

  • Business hosting – To ensure your website will always be accessible and available
  • Branding and design – To transform the identity and image of your business
  • Content management – To manage the content of your website at any time
  • Content writing – To increase interest and engagement in your brand


Where everything you could possibly need to achieve your online aspirations is always in stock.

We will work alongside your business to design and develop a website that meets your unique wants and needs. Throughout this process, we welcome feedback or suggestions and will make adjustments or improvements accordingly.

Reasons to work with a web design agency

By enlisting the services of a web design agency like SEO & Web, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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  • Cost-effective – Outsourcing your web design requirements is much more cost-effective than paying someone to do the same in-house
  • Track record – We have a proven track record of great results, providing you with added peace of mind
  • Ease of implementation – Our experience and expertise means your new site will be up and running in no time
  • Save time – Allocate more time and resources to other important areas of the business, safe in the knowledge your website is being taken care of
  • Ability to scale – If you launch more products or new services, our websites can grow with your business
  • Increase sales – We know what it takes to increase conversions and sales in today’s online environment
  • Improve engagement – With intuitive navigation and fast-loading pages, we ensure visitors stay on site for as long as possible
  • Professionalism and proficiency – Reassurance that we will take charge of your web design desires with confidence and competency