For many years now, the search engine world has been a bit of a closed ‘one stop’ shop. Outside of the dominant Google, very few people will actually go anywhere else. Unless you personally have strong moral issues with Google or have been trying to avoid the “in” things to use online, you will no doubt use Google to search online. However, Google might actually get a little competition in the future, in the form of the new upstart Vurb.

What is this new upstart all about?

Vurb is an upcoming business, currently in a private beta test. By searching across multiple platforms, Vurb brings you information without having to go through a series of tabs or apps to get the data you are actually looking for. Sounds useful, right?

Big funding being injected into this little business

Well, Redpoint Ventures agrees, to the tune of $8m. By making searching online far more logical, Vurb makes sure that you don’t need to spend forever refining your search to find the answers that you need from an article or website. By bringing all of your various apps and other accessories together into the one location, Vurb believes it can now bring back the original “surfing” that the web used to be all about.

You can sign up for this right now

The funding put into the project will be useful for Vurb as they look to expand their team and scale the project to new heights. You can get involved in the Vurb world at the moment, but you need to sign up for a waiting list and hang around until you are confirmed. With the staff growing, though, this should become a quicker process as time goes on.

Doing something different by setting itself apart from all the rest!

It’s a sign of the times that a competitor has arisen for Google. Rather than just doing what Google does a little bit less impressively, Vurb looks to set a new landmark on the online web world and really set itself apart from the other search engines that try and compete with the established search engine leaders. Vurb brings a new and exciting breath of fresh air into a world that has long been much the same, with intermittent upgrades from Google et al!

This may just give us all an entirely new way of searching the web

If you are looking for a new way to browse the web, why not consider making the jump over to Vurb? Getting on the waiting list now means you can try it out pretty soon, and know all about the positives and features before it comes out for real. Google, watch out! There’s a new competitor in town and they appear to be bringing new tricks to the party.

Verbs missions statement is simply ‘helping you cobble together different answers so you can make a plan or walk away insights, not just fact’ – An interesting take on search in our opinion!

At the end of the day only time will tell how well this new model evolves, we will be keeping a close eye on it however!

Happy searching, go everywhere!