Managing your brand identity and online reputation is incredibly important when you consider the following:

  • 88 percent of buyers research products online before making a purchase
  • 86 percent will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative reviews
  • Google uses an algorithmic solution designed to de-rank sites that offer a poor customer experience

With this in mind, here are 7 tools that will help you manage your brand identity and online reputation for more traffic, more customers, and more conversions.

  1. Awario

Awario is an online listening tool that will track your brand’s mentions across the major social networks and the web in real-time. There’s also a ‘Sentiment Analysis’ graph that shows you the share of positive and negative mentions of your business, highlighting the spikes that require your immediate attention.

  1. SEO SpyGlass

Although not specifically design to track your reputation, SEO SpyGlass can help you monitor and manage a huge SEO ranking signal – backlinks. It claims to have the most up-to-date link index on the market, which is supported by analysis of domain authority and penalty risks. You can even compare your link profile to competitors’ to assess your SEO strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Reputology

Reputology is all about helping local businesses track their online reviews. In addition to popular platforms like Google and Facebook, it will also dig deep for insights from industry-specific sites. It is especially advantageous for multi-location businesses, as you can measure your brand’s overall reputation and see why certain locations are doing better or worse than others.

  1. us

By automating multi-channel review acquisition campaigns via email or text, can help you secure more positive reviews from happy customers. It’s also possible to monitor new reviews about your business and respond to them within the app. White-label reports into trends and ROI are available for agencies too.

  1. GoFish Digital Complaint Search

GoFish Digital’s Google-powered complaint search is a simple and streamlined way to check your brand’s online standing. For example, you can perform searches on over 40 websites to see if anyone has filed a complaint, see which reviews are most popular, and respond to feedback directly. You can even flag or remove reviews on some sites if they don’t reflect reality.

  1. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social listening and analytics tool with enterprise-level features such as image recognition, trending topics, and API access. Invaluable demographic metrics such as gender, interests, occupation, and location are available across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Even though Brandwatch comes at a cost, you can also combine its insights with Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite for a holistic analysis.

  1. ReviewTrackers

Doing exactly what its name implies, ReviewTrackers will monitor online reviews of your business across 100+ websites. You can set up email alerts for important reviews, build custom reports tailored to your requirements, and aggregate feedback to show which aspects of the business your customers mention the most. It even offers a mobile app for immediate, on-the-go tracking.