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Where your business appears on search engines is key to your businesses success. If you’re not at the top of the page already, then it is likely that your competitors are and they are receiving lots more traffic, leads and business.

But, luckily for you we can help. We help businesses of all sizes across the UK and beyond with our expert SEO services.

SEO is an effective but complex marketing strategy. However, you shouldn’t bog yourself down with the complexities; here we explain what we do simply. When working on an SEO campaign with SEO & Web we look in detail at the way search engines work, we look at what people actually type into the engines to get the results they are looking for and we also look at what the most popular search engine of choice is for your target audience.

Now for the technical bit. We provide advanced keyword optimisation, backlink breakdown, SEO copywriting and a range of other tailored solutions. But, all you really need to know is that we will help your business achieve real results that will significantly improve your business.

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Site Audits, Advanced Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Comprehensive Site Audits

We have the skills to make sure you take advantage of every available SEO opportunity. But, before we start we complete a comprehensive site audit. This will help you understand more about where your website is currently at, as well as providing information on your site structure, current backlinks and current optimisation. This allows you to make a more informed decision when it comes to investing in SEO.

Advanced Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is imperative to your SEO success. In fact, if keywords aren’t placed strategically, it can result in the campaigns failure. Our experienced consultants will help refine and position your keywords so it is both optimised and impactful.

Competitor and Market Analysis

To better position your business, it’s important to know everything about your competitors. We can help research your competition so you understand fully where the market is currently positioned and where you want to be. From this, we can advise what activities we need to implement in order to reach your goals and objectives.

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Social Media, Backlinks and SEO

We can also help you discover where your audience are online and what they are interested in reading. Our consultants will help you boost your social media presence by ensuring you’re creating high-quality social content that will help you gain strong backlinks.

Backlink Breakdown

Backlinks that help your competitors reach the top of search engines matter. This is why many clients request backlink breakdown. With our help, your business can find out which links help influence your competitors position allowing your business to move ahead.

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