Most advertisers planning to use pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords need to do much more than simply spend money on an advert if they expect it to be placed on the first page of Google’s search results and be instantly effective. They must also focus on creating a PPC ad that is effective when it is seen by a potential customer.

The most obvious solution for this quandary would be to use a PPC specialist, utilising their experience in delivering effective PPC campaigns that are not only successful in terms of impressions and clicks but could also deliver a huge leap in profits.

Alternatively, you can follow this quick guide on how to write the type of PPC ad that will help to drive the conversion of clicks and impressions into actual sales.

As with the generation of memorable SEO content that works, the same kind of rules apply for PPC ads too.

Creative PPC ads that really work

First of all, the headline not only has to be creative, it must be keyword rich and descriptive. People need to be able to see what they are looking for immediately, contained within your headline or strapline.

Another tried and tested advertising technique is to highlight the real benefit of your offering to the consumer before its individual features. For instance, if your product will help the consumer to generate profit, then say as much prior to detailing that an analysis or audit is required first.

There is another idea, that is commonly used in shops, this is to use numbers whenever possible in the headline because they help to make the ad really stand out on the screen, making them easier to read and rapidly assimilate.

For instance, you could detail the price as ‘JUST £99!’, or emphasise a strength such as ‘100% ORGANIC’ or ‘100% FREE’.

Sell Sell Sell!

When you are writing the text body of the ad, you are constrained by the total character limit allowed. This means that you should be highlighting key facts, such as whether the product is ‘QUICK AND EASY’ or whether it will ‘SAVE TIME’ or ‘SAVE MONEY’.

Your product may have remarkable special features , if so get them into the ad as well, such as highlighting that it’s ‘MADE FROM NATURAL MATERIALS’ or  ‘OFTEN COPIED’ for instance.

It’s also very important to use keywords throughout the advert; you could try to use particular keywords twice for more impact and always try to finish with a call to action which tells the person what you want them to do such as ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘ONE DAY SALE ONLY’.

So whether you want them to ‘SUBSCRIBE NOW’ or ‘APPLY TODAY’ then put that in the ad to encourage the consumer to act immediately.

Professional PPC campaigns

So those are the basic rules for writing your own PPC ad, it all seems straightforward, so why should you pay for a professional to run your campaign?

The main reason is that a poorly managed, ineffective PPC campaign could actually lose the business a lot of money before it is realised that the campaign has gone very wrong. A professional would of course constantly monitor the performance of the PPC campaign to see which ads were working, whether the Ad, creative, content or keywords need tweaking, what times work best, are the consumer targets converting and other not so obvious factors. They will aim to get the best return on investment for your campaign’s value.

It is also very important to note that whilst a PPC campaign will potentially deliver high levels of traffic, it’s crucial that the traffic is high-quality and is bringing the sales results expected of the PPC campaign.

A business working alone could fail to gain sales mistakenly deciding to not run any more campaigns because ‘they aren’t worth the money’.

PPC campaigns are worth the investment if they are managed properly. Identifying and engaging the best quality traffic and converting it into quality paying customers is where the real skill in creating and handling an effective PPC ad campaign really comes into its own.

If you are a business that still remains to be convinced how effective a PPC ad campaign can be, then contact SEO & Web today. Let them explain in detail just what they can do for you and your sales.