How a company sees itself on the Internet rather than how their potential customers see them is one of the biggest hurdles in explaining how the effective use of SEO or PPC campaigns can impact on any business.

Practically speaking this means, in effect, that the actual search terms being used by potential customers whilst searching online are very different from the search terms that the business itself believes people are searching for. This is often a source of conflict because the business will want to rank higher for what it perceives as being the popular search terms, when in fact, they are wrong!

Experienced PPC and SEO campaign professionals will put forward a range of keyword and search term ideas that will bring higher traffic and better quality customers who will actually convert into actual sales, this is their job.

By taking suggested Keyword advice on-board the business will avoid having to compete for the wrong keywords for which they are unlikely to get decent quality traffic. Instead, with the right Keywords, they will do well.

Once the underlying theory is understood then the same criteria that are used for selecting organic SEO keywords and search terms for content can be used in a PPC ad campaign.

Choosing the keywords for a PPC ad campaign

The objective of using a PPC ad campaign is to get the ad on the first page of Google’s search results; though for the most popular search terms competing firms may outbid your business to get the higher page positions.

Choosing the most effective search terms will enable a business to dominate the organic search results in a search engine as well as the PPC ad placements above and to the right of them.

This is where the knowledge and experience of a Digital Marketing Agency such as SEO & Web really does come to the fore; they will carry out an appraisal to decide which of the keywords are the most effective for a business to use.

Further helpful PPC and SEO tips

It goes without saying that any business can conduct its own keyword research without having to use the resources of an SEO specialist firm, if you want to go it alone here are some more tips:

The best way to start is to analyse the traffic that is already coming to your site, find out where it is coming from and review the search criteria being used to obtain the traffic.

By doing this you will be optimising the advertising budget for the PPC campaign and getting better results than running the campaign blindly.

It’s also important to understand that there is a subtle difference between a search term and a keyword. A search term is the exact phrase or word that a user has used to search in Google and therefore found your website by using.

A keyword, as defined by Google themselves, is a word or phrase which is used by them to find relevant web content to be displayed to the person searching and also to deliver relevant Ads which are deemed to be suitable for the search that has been initiated.

How PPC ad specialists can help save a firm £££s

It is the actual understanding of this subtle intersection of semantically related but different underlying meanings which will help to underpin any successful PPC campaign. The business is investing time and money to engage with Internet users in a bid to make them become customers whilst Googles objectives are simply to make money whilst doing no evil!

Now that you have learnt the lesser of two evils, the other important consideration for business, as well as for those who employ SEO and PPC specialists, is that this exercise of defining keywords and carrying out research of data is not just a one-off exercise.

It is vital that the business does this on a regular basis to ensure that the PPC ad campaign is as effective as it can be and that their site’s content is evolving correctly and being geared to deliver results in organic search results too.

To PPC or not to PPC, that is the question!

As is usual with the world of online digital media, nothing stays the same for very long. This is also true for PPC Ad campaigns with Google announcing from time to time that its criteria for delivering their AdWords campaigns and AdSense targeting methodologies have changed. Reporting Tools and Google Analytics are also constantly evolving so there is much to ponder!

All of these factors may help you to decide whether you should employ a specialist PPC ad campaign provider such as SEO & Web to help ensure that your campaign is not only effective but takes advantage of any changes to the wider digital marketing world or the PPC platform itself.