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    Paid Search is known by many names, but whether you know it as Paid Search, Pay Per Click or Search Engine Marketing, it all means the same thing and it is just a specific type of advertising.

    However, in our opinion, this type of advertising is better than all of the other more traditional forms of advertising that businesses can invest in and we’re happy to explain why. Businesses will only have to fork out cash if people are actually clicking on the advert and being transferred to the businesses website. No click no pay, it’s really that simple.

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    Keyword Generation
    We discover keywords that will make a huge difference to your business. Not only can we help by identifying keywords, but we can also help group and manage them too. By using the right keywords, you may be surprised at just how much traffic your website could receive.
    Our experienced consultants will help you target your campaign so your adverts are shown in the right places. We can help recommend which languages and locations to target, as well as helping you pick relevant locations to ensure your website receives increased and high quality traffic.
    Our unrivaled knowledge allows us to influence bids at keyword level. We have built an extremely complex optimisation system that completely transforms our clients PPC campaigns. This allows them to achieve maximum return on investment.

    How can we help?

    How do you ensure your advert appears on the right search engines after someone has typed in relevant search terms?
    By working with us, we can help your businesses get the best from your paid search campaigns.
    Our highly qualified team
    We will be able to create or improve paid search campaigns ensuring your business achieves results and return on investment. Our professional consultants will work seamlessly alongside your business adopting PPC methods that will help increase visits to your website and generate more leads.
    Competitive Research
    To ensure your business is in the best possible position it is important to fully understand where your competitors are. We can research your competitors, pinpoint where your business is positioned in comparison and help you get the market share and position you want.
    Ad Copy & Campaign Expansion
    Your ad copy is crucial to your PPC campaigns success. Our team will write and test numerous versions of ad copy to ensure it is effective and impactful. By doing this we ensure you get the maximum amount of click-throughs and conversions possible.

    Campaign Expansion – Thanks to our experience in PPC, we understand that keyword generation is an ongoing and evolving practice. We can help your business by implementing new PPC initiatives that will improve your campaigns success as time goes on.

    PPC For Mobile – Like any other marketing campaign, businesses must also ensure that their PPC campaign includes mobile users. We can help you create mobile ads that will lead to faster and more conversion rates.

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