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Is your existing web host incredibly slow and extremely unreliable? Can you afford to suffer from prolonged periods of downtime? Or would you like your website visitors to benefit from lightning quick speeds? With Essex-based SEO & Web, you can reap the rewards of a reliable and quick web host.

It wouldn’t do our designers and developers justice to upload their carefully crafted websites to a host that could not guarantee fast load times or round-the-clock uptime. SEO & Web is immensely proud of the websites we build for clients, so our hosting services need to be equally as good.

Thankfully, we have the hosting solutions that are suitable for small brochure sites and complex ecommerce stores. Therefore, potential patrons and existing customers will be able to browse your site and make purchases whenever and wherever they want.

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Importance of Good Hosting
With greater precedence being given to website design and content in recent years, the importance of choosing a good web host is often forgotten about. However, by failing to pick the right option, you could suffer catastrophic consequences. After all, it won’t take long for website visitors to lose patience with a sluggish or unavailable page, as an abundance of alternative options are waiting elsewhere.
Frustrated Users
Say for example your site goes down; online users won’t be able to read your content or learn about the brand. If the site in question is an ecommerce store, then you won’t be able to sell any products or services either. You might not think this will significantly affect your revenue in the short-term, but if it keeps happening again and again, you might not be able to attract traffic in the first place.
Poor Hosting, Poor Search Results
The same can also be said for your search engine ranking, which takes site speed into increasing consideration. With a web host that can’t deliver high-speed loading times, your site will soon slide down result pages until it reaches a point where most online users never think to look.

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Cyber criminals
Last but not least, the ever-present threat that cyber criminals pose could put your web host’s security credentials under intense scrutiny. Before you know it, an online offender could have gained access to your network and compromised the sensitive data of all your customers.

So, to avoid these regrettable eventualities, make sure you choose the right web host.

Slow or Inaccessible Websites
Don’t allow online users to grow tired of your slow or inaccessible site. Instead, choose a web host that can handle current demand but also scale up or scale down according to future requirements.

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