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What is GDPR? How does it affect your website?

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects all businesses globally that handle data associated with EU Citizens – Solutions from just £150

GDPR will require some changes to be made to your website. You will be able to update your privacy policy and other legal documentation pages on your own, but there are other parts of your website that will require our technical input such as active consent to sign up to your newsletters and allow certain Adsense and re-targeting cookies to be used.

Please note that, as a data controller, your website’s GDPR compliance is your responsibility. As your web developer, we are providing this article to inform you of your obligations under the GDPR and to recommend potential solutions to assist you in achieving GDPR compliance in relation to your website, as well as to help us to manage client demand in the run up to 25 May.

However, as a data processor, it is important for you to note that we are not responsible for your implementation of any particular solution or your GDPR compliance more generally, particularly in respect of aspects of your business that do not relate to your website.

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