Because of everything that’s going on in the world right now, content creators and website owners suddenly find themselves:

  • Wanting to write about something topical
  • Needing additional content for their editorial calendars
  • Struggling to make valuable contributions to their audiences

In light of this, how can you best meet the needs of your readers? Well, based on keywords that have been trending during COVID-19, the following ideas from Ubersuggest should give several primary industries a head start for the coming months of content creation.


Entire organisations and industries are now working from home, which is uncharted territory for many. This has caused a spike in remote working terms such as:

  • Working from home tips – Content with suggestions about how to set up your home office or maintain a schedule while dealing with distractions are poised to perform well right now.
  • How to stay focused – Along with the cloud of COVID-19, the change in routine is causing a lack of focus for people at the moment. Consider creating content around motivation and efficiency hacks.


Schools and universities have gone from in-person teaching to virtual classrooms and distance learning almost instantaneously. This has caused a number of related topics to trend.

  • Homeschooling – Several parents are suddenly and unexpectedly in the position of teaching their children, hence why this query has skyrocketed recently.
  • Free online courses – With people looking for ways to spend their time at home, online courses are enjoying a spike in popularity.


Whether you’re trying to distract yourself from the stress of reality or simply need something to cure the boredom, entertainment is a key part of everyone’s life right now. Even if you can’t offer a form of entertainment, content around the following subjects could gain you traction.

  • Free streaming – It’s not within the budgets of most people to have subscriptions to all the major streaming services, which has given rise to this query. Other trending topics include “cheap digital games” and “best multiplayer video games”.
  • Best online shopping deals – Despite economic uncertainty, a lot of people are using this opportunity to secure online deals. In fact, keyword rates for this term are as high as they were over the holidays.


As mentioned above, finance cuts deep to the emotional core of this pandemic. So what can you do with your content to provide guidance or relief?

  • Budgeting tips – Due to increasing layoffs and pay cuts, people are scrambling to save money wherever possible. “How to invest money wisely” is also trending due to the fluctuating stock market.
  • Unemployment – This has either become a harsh reality or scary prospect for many. Chances are a lot of traffic for this term will go towards government websites with unemployment benefit schemes.


The travel industry has been one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. With less people flying, driving or using public transport, you might think that opportunities are few and far between. However, there’s plenty of potential…

  • Travel insurance – People are looking for information about travel insurance and how it can help them, presumably to make sure they’re covered if sick or their plans get cancelled.
  • Virtual travel – This term is gaining popularity as people find themselves at home, stuck on the couch with a serious case of wanderlust.