If you want to achieve an impressive search ranking, your website needs both depth and breadth in terms of content. In other words, you need to cover concepts and subjects at a high level, then dive deeper with specific, knowledgeable posts.

But this is easier said than done. Creating SEO-driven website content can be tricky, not least because it’s a struggle to continually come up with a stream of imaginative ideas when meeting the needs of Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

With this in mind, here are five tips to ensure you don’t have to sacrifice your own creative freedom for the sake of organic growth.

  • Ask the experts for insights

If you don’t fully comprehend a topic or theme, chances are your content will be ambiguous and only scratch the surface. Not only will this fall short of Google’s E-A-T requirements, it won’t do you any favours with users either.

So, whenever you don’t feel confident or comfortable enough writing a piece of content, enlist the assistance of someone who does. Their passion for the subject should provide you with several invaluable insights, many of which could also be keyword heavy too.

  • Interview industry thought leaders

Another way in which you can create E-A-T content is by interviewing thought leaders in your industry and telling their stories. The key here is asking the right questions that will result in captivating answers, from which you can craft meaningful narratives.

Ultimately, you must consider who you’re interested in speaking with and how that expert’s experience might align with your audience’s interests, and brainstorm ideas from there.

  • Find the human connection

Content creators are often tasked with writing about bland or boring topics, especially if they are part of a keyword-driven strategy. But this can usually be overcome by finding an interesting human angle to make the content more exciting and something which readers are able to connect with.

Start by asking yourself, “why would I ever search for this topic?” From there, look through the People Also Ask boxes, People Also Search For panels, and Related Search links at the bottom of most SERPs. The ideas should start flowing.

  • Use multimedia

Dry or dull topics can be improved upon by supplementing the written word with multimedia – images, videos, infographics and even podcasts can all create new traffic opportunities as well.

The addition of multimedia can also help you stay engaged when writing the content along with expanding your professional skills to include things like video editing and graphic design.

  • Engage with audiences in real life

If possible, try to engage with your audience in real life to learn more about their own situation and circumstances. It could open up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating content, which is bound to be more useful and relevant to users as a result.

Ways in which you can start these conversations include creating a poll for social media audiences and sending out surveys to email newsletter subscribers. They’ll feel valued because you’ve asked for their opinion, and you’ll gain inspiration for compelling SEO-driven content.