SEO is one of the best marketing channels in terms of return on investment. Fact!

But for this reason, several businesses will invest their entire marketing budget into SEO and completely disregard other tactics.

However, the highest performing SEO campaigns are often supported by other marketing tactics and techniques. After all, your audiences don’t limit themselves to one channel, so you shouldn’t either.

The increasing importance of branded searches when it comes to SEO

Over the past couple of years, Google has placed a greater emphasis on brand signals as a ranking factor. Chances are this will continue for the foreseeable future too, as users need to have brand awareness of a product or service before they search for it.

Unfortunately, nobody knows all of the brand signals that Google targets. Thankfully, it’s possible to use Google Trends to see how often people are searching for your brand.

In several instances, smaller businesses will outrank larger organisations when it comes to branded searches. This is because they invest in multiple marketing channels at a local level.

Therefore, it makes sense to adopt a well-rounded marketing approach that involves the following marketing activities in addition to SEO, which can only take you so far.

Marketing activities that can create branded searches

When it comes to increasing branded searches, the most obvious and effective channels are those with the widest reach – TV, radio, billboard, direct mail etc.

But because they’re typically too expensive for most small businesses, consider these alternatives instead:

  • Remarketing – Showing display ads to users that have already visited your website. A great way to keep your brand front of mind and equally impressive value for money.
  • Social media – Expose your brand to target audiences with paid promotion on social media, which tends to be cheaper than other advertising channels.
  • Webinars – Not only can webinars showcase your expertise, they’re also fantastic for building brand awareness. You can even record webinars to use for social media campaigns.
  • Speaking events – Try to find events such as seminars or trade shows that your staff could speak at. This will have a similar impact as webinars.
  • Email marketing – Although most email campaigns are sent to people who already have a strong level of brand awareness, they can turn happy customers into loyal ambassadors.

If you achieve growth off the back of these marketing activities, think about investing in more exclusive advertising channels that will double down your SEO efforts. Options include:

  • TV advertising – Don’t forget to mention your website as prominently as a phone number because many users watch TV while simultaneously surfing the web on their mobile devices.
  • Direct mail – There’s still the opportunity to create online branded searches with direct mail by offering an incentive that is explained in more detail on a landing page.
  • Radio – Once again, you can provide listeners with an incentive to visit your website or search your brand online.

“SEO is just one part of a marketing system in which every channel can contribute to the goal of increasing branded searches for your company’s name,” says Simon Knapp, founder and a managing partner of SEO & Web Ltd.