Even though it is quite tempting to focus all your social media marketing efforts on Facebook and Twitter, there are an abundance of other networks that are potentially just as powerful.

Creative companies usually benefit from sharing photos on Instagram while lifestyle brands often prosper on YouTube. But there are numerous opportunities to be had for any business on the world’s largest network of professionals – LinkedIn.

Currently, over 275 million people have a LinkedIn account and two new members sign up every second. What’s more, half of users say they’re more likely to buy a product or service from brands they engage with on LinkedIn.

As well as providing the opportunity to attract a pool of potential customers, LinkedIn is also a place for sharing company updates, interacting with existing employees, building current client relationships and discovering real world industry insights.

Here are some LinkedIn tips and tricks that any business should take on board

Complete your entire profile. When a customer or client types in your company’s name on a search engine, there is a good chance LinkedIn will appear on the first page of results. As such, you’ll want your company profile to be just as appealing, interesting and informative as other websites or social media pages, which could be your competitors!

Your profile picture and company logo are the first things that people see, so make sure these are high quality images that represent the brand’s identity. Your business description should be detailed but concise, as users will want a snapshot of what you’re all about. Check that other fields such as specialities, industry, company size and website are all filled in too.

Interact and engage with followers

One of the biggest parts of LinkedIn is sending out updates for followers to read, interact with and share. Any existing employee can now become a company page admin, making engagement even easier and effortless than before.

As with all social media activity, you’ll want to make sure that the content you post to LinkedIn is actually useful, captivating and advantageous for followers. Not only to increase participation, but also because any follower’s conversations with your brand will be exposed to their audience too. As a result, your content could be receiving huge levels of exposure, which may end up being detrimental if the posts themselves are of a poor quality.

Add a Showcase Page

Even though regular company updates are a great way to tell followers about recent developments or noteworthy news, there are some other LinkedIn features that can raise brand awareness and promote certain products.

With Showcase Pages, you can build long-term relationships with unique followers that are interested in a particular aspect of the business, which can be a company initiative, prominent brand or particular unit. These pages are easily discovered on your main company page and via search. Identify areas of your business that could benefit from concentrated exposure and pay close attention to the specific requirements of followers.

Add a Careers Page

One of the reasons why LinkedIn has enjoyed so much success is because it has become a fantastic resource for individuals to find and develop new careers. While this is useful for everyday users, it can also be quite lucrative and valuable for businesses too.

Create a Careers Page to keep any prospective employees in the loop about job opportunities and recruitment drives. If a follower shows an active interest in your brand, chances are they’ll end up being an enthusiastic and passionate employee. After reading about company updates and product developments, they are bound to have gained a solid understanding of the business too.

Participate in discussions

One of the merits of content marketing, whether you’re writing a company blog or creating instructional videos, is that you come across as a knowledgeable and well-informed source of information. The same can be achieved on LinkedIn if you participate in industry discussions and debates.

As well as establishing yourself as a thought leader and authoritative figure, you’ll also provide real value to consumers and increase the brand’s visibility. Some companies often struggle to get followers to visit their page, but by identifying where customers and clients might be, you’re more likely to succeed on LinkedIn.

Integrate LinkedIn with other platforms and channels

Remember to add a LinkedIn button to your company website, as social plugins are an effective and efficient way of sharing content across multiple platforms. From doing this, more content will get distributed and a greater number of people are bound to like your LinkedIn company page.

In order to keep company updates fresh and engaging, think about syncing other online activity with your LinkedIn account. Twitter tends to be a more informal platform and can show followers you’ve got a human side. On the other hand, company blogs demonstrate a different perspective on everyday operations.

Examine and explore analytics

Simply posting company updates or sharing content is half the battle, as you’ll need to see whether all that activity is having a positive impact. But by using LinkedIn’s company page analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your overall performance.

See how engaging each post has been, identify current trends across various metrics, discover what content is resonating with followers, learn more about audience demographics and unearth competitor performance. If you’re struggling to understand or comprehend every metric, hover above the question marks for more information or an explanation.

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn may well have been an afterthought in the past, but its power and potential is growing all the time. At first, it seemed to focus on individual professionals looking to network with colleagues and discover new careers, but now it has become a fairly essential resource for an abundance of businesses and brands too.

By utilising the aforementioned tips and tricks alongside existing social media and content marketing efforts, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of yet another invaluable promotional and publicity tool.