Of all the SEO tools at one’s disposal, Google Trends probably isn’t near the top of the list. However, it is an incredibly useful and effective resource, especially when you need to identify topics your audience would be interested in.

But how can you utilise Google Trends to your advantage? Here’s a quick look at the most actionable tips and tricks.


Drill down into the specifics

Google Trends will first invite you to ‘Explore Topics’, which in today’s extensive online world might seem a bit overwhelming. But even if you enter a big-time keyword, you can then easily drill down into its specifics.

For example, ‘Worldwide’ enables you to target specific markets demographically, ‘Time selection’ allows you to identify short- or long-term trends, while ‘Category’ keeps you on track with your niche.


Explore the different search options

Most Google Trend users won’t look beyond web search despite the fact you can also filter results by image search, news search, Google shopping, and YouTube Search. Each click will yield results based on different segments of your target market.

This is particularly useful because it can help inspire new content that embraces current trends, like a viral video or humorous meme. Also, you can use this opportunity to capitalise on trends that are on the rise.


Never ignore context

It’s important to note that the results you see on Google Trends are relative to the previous highs of the keywords you entered. To illustrate this, type ‘snow’ into Google Trends. In the middle of the year, it gets little traffic. But when stretched out over the past 10 years, its clear this is a seasonal search term.

Therefore, never ignore context when browsing Google Trends. You can gain greater comprehension by using the ‘+ Compare’ tool to add new keywords, filter by country or category, and limit your query to web searches.


Try to predict trends

It’s all well and good going on Google Trends to inform your content strategy based on what the internet is talking about. Unfortunately, every other marketer probably has the same idea and your content will surely get lost in a sea of similar efforts.

But what if you could use the data in front of you to predict trends? Give it a go by identifying trends with filtering by your specific categories or countries. Noteworthy content might not have reached the top level of Google Trends yet, but could soon be on the move if that’s what the data is telling you.


Don’t misread the trends

Even if you think you’ve discovered an excellent insight, be careful not to misread this trend. After all, it could be a glaring blind spot that does little to boost your SEO activity.

Always get a broad view of timelines and never trust a single snapshot. Your keyword of choice might be experiencing a massive spike in interest, but if its because of a certain event or news story, audiences will be switching off sooner rather than later.