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Where your business appears on search engines is key to your businesses success. If you’re not at the top of the page already, then it is likely that your competitors are and they are receiving lots more traffic, leads and business.

But, luckily for you we can help. We help businesses of all sizes across the UK and beyond with our expert SEO services.

SEO is an effective but complex marketing strategy. However, you shouldn’t bog yourself down with the complexities; here we explain what we do simply. When working on an SEO campaign with SEO & Web we look in detail at the way search engines work, we look at what people actually type into the engines to get the results they are looking for and we also look at what the most popular search engine of choice is for your target audience.

Now for the technical bit. We provide advanced keyword optimisation, backlink breakdown, SEO copywriting and a range of other tailored solutions. But, all you really need to know is that we will help your business achieve real results that will significantly improve your business.

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Importance of Having Bespoke Design
Now that technology dominates nearly every aspect of society, online users have developed increasingly short attention spans, as they can simply switch from one device to another. This means that first impressions are paramount when it comes to your website’s overall look and feel.

If a prospective customer visits your site but is greeted with a familiar looking template, they probably won’t think your products or services are worth their time either. Before long, they could leave the page altogether and decide to visit a competitor’s site instead.

Responsive Design
You may well have the most affordable or highest quality products around too, but online consumers are now making their purchase decisions based on the experience, appearance, usability, and accessibility of a website. For this reason, you should think of your website as an extension of your brand, which has something useful and worthwhile to offer beneath its exterior.

Another reason why bespoke website design is so critical in this day and age concerns the rapid rise of mobile. Smartphone and tablet users want the ability to browse products and make purchases with just a few swipes and taps. So, if you website doesn’t feature a responsive design, mobile users will look elsewhere.

Bespoke Design
SEO & Web can offer you a complete package, from conception and creation to publishing and promotion. We don’t just give you the bare bones of a bespoke website; we take care of everything.

To discuss what our bespoke web design packages consist of, get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff. You can call on 01245 333400, email

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